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Part I: Barber-surgeons, Physicians and Quack-doctors in Old Vienna

The subject of the walking tour is the history of the old medical science in Vienna
Language: Regular Tour in German. The tour is available as private tour also in English, French, Italian and Spanish.

The book (in German) by Anna Ehrlich on the above subject as well as the guided walking tour are dealing with health, fear of life, illness and hope for healing, doctors and non-medical practitioners and their therapies, religious faith in God and the consequences of the period of Enlightment. You will be informed about methods of treatment for common people, the cures of orthodox medicine and quackery.
Up to the 19th century doctors and patients were almost helpless when confronted with illness or injuries irrespective of academically trained healers or non-medical practitioners.
The situation changed with modern achievements in medicine such as antibiotics, narcosis and aseptics. It had been a long way to go. Follow us on this road and learn about an aspect of Vienna’s history which so far has been reprehensibly neglected.

Meeting point: Centre of Albertina Square next to the monument.

Part II: From the Plague Hospitals to the Modern Clinics

This tour is a supplement of Part I. and covers the period of medical history from Emperor Joseph II onwards. He was the founder of the Old General Hospital in the 9th district, traditional location of “hospitals” in the old sense, cemetaries and clinics. Hear about famous doctors of the Vienna Medical School such as Brambilla, Billroth and Semmelweis and the problems of being a patient in days gone by. We also will introduce you to the treatment of psychological diseases up to Freud’s psychoanalysis.
We will, however, not leave out a development which resulted in dreadful pratices: the criminal misure of medical science and its gradual yet slow verification. Meanwhile Austria has brought forth a number of doctors of international reputation.

Bus Tours:
We are also available for a Medical history tour by coach. A visit to Steinhof will be included – the site of the clinics and gardens of the mental hospital.
History of Medicine in Vienna
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