Vienna for Newcomers

After a brief introduction to the general history of Vienna we will take a walk through the southern part of the inner city, looking at the State Opera House, the Hotel Sacher, the Albertina, the imperial palace Hofburg, the Heroes square (Heldenplatz), the museums of fine arts and natural history, the parliament, the town hall, the national theatre, the Roman excavations on St. Michaels square, the Demel pastry shop, the Graben, St. Peters Church, the trinity column and finally the cathedral of St. Stephen (Stephansdom). We will talk about music, architecture, art, history and everyday life of Vienna and get to know famous Viennese symbols as Sacher Cake, Mozart, Beethoven, Vienna Boys Choir, Lipizzan horses and Spanish Riding school, Crown-Prince Rudolf, Emperor Frances Joseph, Empress Elisabeth ("Sissi").

This tour is the perfect introduction to the city center of Vienna!

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Many of Vienna's most interesting places are not to be found in the southern, "imperial" part of the inner city, but in its "common" north. Starting from Saint Stephen's Cathedral we will first move on to the Mozart memorial "Figaro house", then wander through typical inner courts and romantic streets to the Greek city quarter where we will meet some of the most fascinating Viennese myths. Basilisks attempting to kill us with their poisonous breath, the ballad singer Augustin singing us his famous song and Vienna's "nicest" ladies trying to seduce us are only some of the highlights we shall encounter on this tour. Passing the Danube channel and the Sweden square (Schwedenplatz) we will dive into the dangerous "Bermuda Triangle" hoping not to get lost, then look at St. Rupert's Church, the ivy covered oldest church of the town. We will have a look at the Anchor Clock (Ankeruhr), a marvelous Art Nouveau clockwork integrated in a bridge with a span of almost 10 meters that with its historical figures aims to show the spectators Vienna's past and at the same time remind them of their transience, cross the former Jewish city quarter and finally end our tour on the Freyung square, right in front of the Scottish Monastery (Schottenkloster). Middle Ages and Renaissance, Baroque and Present unite harmonically on this tour and give you an overall impression of Vienna's hidden soul.

This tour is made for everyone who wants to see more of Vienna than usual!

Walking through Old Vienna