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Vienna for Bright People

Wienfuehrung DDr. Anna Ehrlich
General information: 

We offer a lot of regular tours in German. Please unterstand, that we can't speak English on these tours. 
We have made the experience, that for quality reasons they shouldn't be given in more than one language. 
Knowing this we offer just a few bilingual regular tours for individual participation (no booking necessary, 
join us at the meeting point). 

If you want to book for a private tour, you can choose among a lot of different subjects and also among different languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian and more. 
Please contact us by mail  [email protected]

Fees 2016: 
         Participation to open tours: 16 Euro (to be paid at the meeting point).  
Private walking tours (VAT not included) 
         225 € (1 - 15 pax, each additional person +15€; VAT not included) between 8 a.m and 7 p.m.,       
         Evening charge (10% until 9p.m., 20% until 10 p.m.) . 
Guide for Bus tours of 3 hours duration, one language, max. 30 pax:  240€  (VAT not included)
         additional hour in bus €  100. Evening charge s.a.
         Entrance fees, price of the bus, etc. not included. 
Subjects of our Walking Tours: 
Barbers, doctors
Justitia Viennensis
Josefine Mutzenbacher
A romantic and thrilling stroll
Forgotten Court Scandals
historical overview
Sightseeing Tours by Coach
More Vienna Walks
spooky Vienna
Viena en espanol
Vienna in italiano
Vienne en francais
Joseph Haydn
Classical Downtown Tours
On the traces of Hitler
From Napoleon to Hitler
Vienna and the "Da-Vinci-Code"
Best of Vienna