Cracking the "Da-Vinci-Code" in Vienna

Vienna could as well be the set of Dan Brown’s novels „The Da Vinci Code“ and „Illuminati“. Secret orders as the knight Templars, freemasons and Illuminati left their traces here. The successors of the „bloodline“, the Habsburg family, played a major role in the history of the city and the Holy Grail is still kept in Vienna.

An original sized copy of the Last Supper by Leonardo Da Vinci in a medieval church in Vienna can solve the enigma about Jesus and Mary Magdalene. Is the blood line still present in the Habsburg family? Are they preserving the Holy Grail and the Holy Lance in Vienna's Treasury Museum? What was the role of the knight Templars? Have they been murdered in Blutgasse? Where did they hide their treasures? The answers to these questions will be given by our tour guides on a truly fascinating walk through Vienna‘s history and breath taking architecture, ending at the main cathedral, that was built with the ancient wisdom of numerology.