Tour by Alexander Ehrlich.

In two thousand years of history, many things have occurred in Vienna that cannot be explained by traditional science. Strange silhouettes can sometimes be seen in some places, spooky voices from underground can be heard in others. Objects fly through the air, diseases are mysteriously cured and people are bitten by nightly hunters emerging from their graves. In three chapters we talk about "common" ghosts and ecclesiastical supernatural phenomena, "imperial" ghosts and Viennese vampires and try to approach the truth behind legends in an amusing but nevertheless scientifically documented manner. You will learn on this Vienna ghostwalk why the first vampire was a Habsburg, what makes the difference between a black and a white ghost, which are the reasons for spooky voices on cemeteries and what you should never do when meeting a real ghost. Book this tour immediately - Vienna's ghosts are dying to meet you!!!

Special youth version of this tour available on request!
Ghosts, Hauntings and Vampires -

Spooky Vienna